Envita Interventional Radiology The Source of EnvitaIR’s™ Methodology

The Source of EnvitaIR’s™ Methodology

With over 20 years of experience treating difficult and complex late-stage cancer diagnoses, Envita Medical Centers realized the untapped potential of non-invasive interventional surgical procedures early-on and has worked tirelessly to advance the art, science, technology, and precision of these procedures to the benefit of our patients.

Next-level genetic testing has always been at the core of Envita Medical Centers’ treatment planning for late-stage and complex cancers and that level of detailed diagnostics has been integral in EnvitaIR’s™ success.

All EnvitaIR™ physicians work hand in hand with the Envita Medical Centers molecular tumor board to develop customized treatment plans that go beyond standard interventional radiology procedures.

Welcome to Precision Interventional Radiology Oncology

This is a very exciting time for interventional radiology oncology at EnvitaIR™. What we have discovered in our two decades of cancer treatment development at Envita Medical Centers is that precision targeting and personalized treatment selection makes all the difference for our patients, especially those who have failed treatment elsewhere.

EnvitaIR™ has developed advanced interventional oncology solutions using the latest in chemotherapy, radiation, and ablation therapy to shrink or destroy tumors. By working with Envita Medical Centers’ molecular tumor board and advanced immunotherapy targeting, EnvitaIR™ determines the treatment options the patient has the best chance to respond to, providing next-level precision care in oncology.

In our clinical opinion, the effectiveness of EnvitaIR™ comes from the ability to provide targeted late-stage cancer treatment options far beyond what is available from traditional interventional radiology and surgical means. These minimally invasive alternatives to standard surgery have the advantage of delivering custom drug algorithms, even when traditional surgery is not a viable option, which can make all the difference for complex cancer diagnoses.

Utilizing Envita Medical Center's 20 years of experience in advanced targeting, immunotherapy, epigenetics, and genomics, EnvitaIR™ is set to revolutionize the field on interventional radiology with patient tailored options designed to deliver the best health outcomes possible.

Please contact a member of our Patient Care Team to learn more about advanced interventional treatment options that may be right for you.

Why You Should Choose Envita Interventional Radiology

This is a very exciting time for cancer treatment and the work that we are doing here at Envita Interventional Radiology. Contact us today if you have further questions, our interventional radiology oncology team is here to provide guidance and give you an advantage to the approach of treating your cancer.

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