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EnvitaIR™ houses the latest interventional radiology innovations in precision oncology and non-invasive image-guided surgery.

Welcome to Envita Interventional Radiology featuring CIPI™ (Chemo Immuno Precision Injections)

For the last 20 years, Envita Medical Centers has been focused on better outcomes, providing advanced, patient-based treatment that takes precision targeting to the next level. Envita Interventional Radiology (EnvitaIR™) takes Envita Medical Centers’ mission and evolves it with the latest in interventional radiology technology, techniques, and precision to provide truly unique and powerful treatment options that are customized for each one of our patients.

EnvitaIR’s™ Approach to Precision Care That Surpasses Conventional Thinking

EnvitaIR’s™ approach starts with a personalized algorithm designed for the patient based on their specific laboratory findings and disease presentation. From the patient's data, the latest in advanced genomics is used to create customized immunotherapy treatments that are combined with adjuvant agents and deployed directly inside the tumors of concern. This method of administration creates a localized and systemic effect throughout the patient's body, activating the patient's immune system to search out the metastatic cancer sites that are often too small for imaging to find.

It's simple, treatment plans are designed and customized to each patient to reduce risk, provide faster recovery, and encourage healing and greater comfort for patients. This detailed treatment planning allows patients to get back to health quicker and easier than ever before, that is the power of precision interventional radiology with EnvitaIR™.

Proprietary Interventional Radiology Technology

Being at the forefront of medical advancement, Envita Interventional Radiology is using the latest in non-invasive image-guided surgical techniques in combination with a truly robust treatment selection to provide exciting options for patients who need precision options. Our approach has led to the development of proprietary interventional radiology technology that goes beyond standard IR procedures to provide powerful precision care.

Chemo Immuno Precision Injections (CIPI™)

CIPI™ is EnvitaIR’s™ proprietary method for targeting cancer and providing a powerful, precision multi-mechanism approach to direct tumor deployment. CIPI™ or Chemo Immuno Precision Injections represents the latest advancement in cancer treatment and delivery so we can provide our patients with the greatest chance to respond to care.

CIPI™ is a precision form of TACE (Trans Arterial Chemoembolization) that goes beyond standardized procedures to provide a personalized option for patients. CIPI™ is best described as a tumor specific precision injection that can be performed with or without embolization to deploy personalized intra-tumoral cancer therapy for patients. It is a more precise version of TACE that uses the Envita algorithm for custom drug design in multiple categories. The procedure involves much more targeting and treatment design than a simple TACE procedure.

TSPI (Tumor Specific Precision Injection)

Tumor specific denotes each plan is built on the patient's cancer genomics, immunotherapy, transcriptional gene regulation and based on detailed testing and Envita's precision personalized drug targeting for each patient and algorithm.

Precision injection denotes interventional radiology’s minimally invasive targeted procedure to deploy the custom drug/treatment design enhancing cancer targeting at or to the cancer site.

Advantages of EnvitaIR’s™ CIPI™ Procedure

Minimally Invasive

EnvitaIR's™ CIPI™ procedure is performed without the need for large surgical incisions. Treatment is performed using small catheters the size of a human hair that are fed through the patient's veins to the area of interest allowing for precision administration with significantly faster recovery.

No General Anesthesia

Because EnvitaIR's™ treatments are minimally invasive, there is no need for general anesthesia reducing the health risks that can result from being put into a medically induced coma to perform a procedure.

Direct Tumor Targeting

EnvitaIR's™ has developed genetically targeted interventional radiology procedures that deliver patient-specific genomic agents directly to the tumor.

Immune System Activation

CIPI's™ tumor targeted genomic agent delivery causes a systemic immune system response that activates the immune system to seek out other metastatic cancer sites in the body.

Faster Recovery Times

Generally, the recovery time from a CIPI™ procedure will be much faster than traditional surgery methods due to its minimally invasive administration.

No Hospital Stays

EnvitaIR's™ CIPI™ procedure is performed in an outpatient setting by dedicated and highly trained medical professionals where an overnight hospital stay is not necessary.

Precision Results

There are many benefits to EnvitaIR’s™ CIPI™ procedure but the truly unique factor to CIPI™ is the precision custom genomic and immunotherapy options that are directly administered at the tumor site. This technology takes interventional oncology to the next level.

Technologies Incorporated in Envita’s CIPI™ Procedure

CIPI™ combines the technology of ImmunoTSPI, GenomicTSPI, and Transcriptional Gene Regulation TSPI into one precision injection.


Through our two decades of working with complex cancer cases, we know the critical role the immune system plays in not only preventing cancer but its ability to be activated to attack existing cancer in the body, this led to the development of ImmunoTSPI.

ImmunoTSPI is an injection performed through non-invasive image-guided surgery using targeted immunotherapy that is specifically designed for the patient based on their unique targets. What makes the ImmunoTSPI injection unique is its ability to target the cancerous tumor with patient-specific immunotherapy that causes the tumor to release molecular information which is then passed to key immune system cells triggering the immune system to attack the cancerous site as well as create a systemic response where the immune system can now go out and find that same molecular information in other metastatic sites in the body. ImmunoTSPI can be used as a standalone therapy, but its actions can be enhanced when used alongside oral or intravenous immunotherapy options.


GenomicTSPI is performed by gathering the genetic profiles and mutational rates of the cancer and then developing patient-specific medications to attack these targets and get the patient to respond to care.

In traditional interventional radiology procedures, genetics is typically overlooked. IR facilities are performing treatment based on standardized protocols for specific cancer diagnoses. We knew from our 20 years of experience the important role genetics plays in cancer and we developed GenomicTSPI to address this critical component to proper cancer care. By identifying the genetic profiles and mutational rates of the cancer, we discover targets that are not considered with standard TACE procedures and are able to develop precision genomic therapies unique to the patient’s specific cancer markers that are delivered intratumorally and sealed inside the tumor to embolize the cancer at its core.

Transcriptional Gene Regulation TSPI

One area of cancer that is often overlooked in conventional cancer care is the cancer’s messaging. Messaging is in reference to the cancers' ability to turn on or off genes in the body that control the immune system’s ability to find and attack the cancer.

Our decades of clinical experience have provided keen insight into the area of transcriptional gene regulation, in particular oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes can have a huge impact on the proliferation of cancers. Oncogenes are mutated genes that cause uncontrolled growth in a cell. Tumor suppressor genes are genes that slow down cell division and repair DNA mistakes, these genes are responsible for signaling apoptosis or programmed cell death. Transcriptional Gene Regulation TSPI was developed to address these specific genes through the administration of patient-specific medications directly injected into the tumor through non-invasive surgical means to turn off oncogenes and turn on tumor suppressor genes, thereby disrupting the messaging of the cancer to turn on the body’s immune system to attack the cancerous tumor.

Why You Should Choose Envita Interventional Radiology

This is a very exciting time for cancer treatment and the work that we are doing here at Envita Interventional Radiology. Contact us today if you have further questions, our interventional radiology oncology team is here to provide guidance and give you an advantage to the approach of treating your cancer.

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